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Jan 20 - feb 18

The weeklyhoroscope Aquarius says that when you have won the Jackpot in your favorite Lotto they will call you. But today your phone will not ring!

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Saterday 01/06/2024

This is promising to be a hectic week during which loads of work will have to be done. Your adrenaline level will rise sky-high due to all the stress and agitation.
Scenes in a romantic movie make you crave for a little more emotion in your own love life. You could bring about some changes in this field yourself Aquarius. This does, however, ask for some initiative on your side. This has to do with the same adrenaline which you do let out of the cupboard as soon as work is concerned, but which you stick in the freezer when it comes to wooing and loving your partner. Come on Aquarius, pull out all the stops!
You used to be so inventive in this field and, secretly, also quite proud about your creativity in this sphere!

In Spanish it is like this:
Esta promete ser una semana agitada durante la cual habrá mucho trabajo por hacer. Tu nivel de adrenalina se disparará debido a todo el estrés y la agitación.
Las escenas de una película romántica te hacen desear un poco más de emoción en tu propia vida amorosa. Usted mismo podría realizar algunos cambios en este campo Aquarius. Sin embargo, esto requiere cierta iniciativa de su parte. Se trata de la misma adrenalina que sueltas del armario cuando se trata de trabajo, pero que guardas en el congelador cuando se trata de cortejar y amar a tu pareja. ¡Vamos Aquarius, haz todo lo posible!
¡Solías ser muy inventivo en este campo y, secretamente, también estabas muy orgulloso de tu creatividad en este ámbito!


Who matches with the Aquarius.

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Aquarius and Aries:

weeklyhoroscope Aquarius

Aries is attracted to Aquarius’ unpredictable, highly analytical mind and unique style. He’s a fire sign and you, Aquarius, are an air sign , although many people think you’re a water sign. The Aries will enjoy how uninhibited and independent you are.
They are both impulsive and daring lovers and will appreciate each other’s inhibitions and sense of adventure. Chances are, Aries will want to have sex more often than you.
Open-minded Aquarius will do a lot to build admiration for Aries. Aries, in turn, will help realize Aquarius’ wayward dreams. This can be an important ingredient in keeping the Aries and Aquarius relationship going well. Both partners can learn a lot from each other, but in order to do that, they must be willing to just put their egos aside and really open themselves to each other’s ideas.
Who is compatible with Aquarius? Aries has good chances/


Aquarius and Taurus:

weeklyhoroscope Aquarius

Aquarius and Taurus can be a great match in the long run. The Taurus is a more conservative, traditional, predictable and level-headed partner. Taurus is very reliable. The Taurus is a sympathetic personality, tied to routine and loves regular tasks, which he or she continues to do with joy and diligence. The Taurus does not like to change this methodology. The Taurus is a keeper of the past, while Aquarius is more of a high-tech explorer of the future.
They can both be very stubborn. While this isn’t a problem individually, when combined with someone with a completely different outlook on life, it can cause some problems.
Taurus likes to plan everything in advance, while Aquarius prefers a spontaneous approach to life. It’s likely that Taurus will want a strong commitment from Aquarius much more than vice versa. Taurus wants to know where he or she stands long-term, while Aquarius wonders what’s for dinner tonight.
In extreme cases, Aquarius sometimes finds Taurus unimaginative and predictable, while Taurus can find Aquarius a bit unconventional and rebellious.
As with anything, compromise, understanding and respect are key.
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Aquarius and Gemini:

weeklyhoroscope Aquarius

Aquarius is original. He and she are interesting, but also say what they mean. An Aquarius wants to be free, but at the same time he and she also want a committed relationship. Therefore, the Gemini person is the perfect complement. They give each other space, and disagreements rarely escalate into heated arguments. And if so, then it’ll be fine again soon.
Both signs tend to avoid getting bogged down in emotion, and while that may be acceptable in a practical sense, it introduces a sense of detachment in their relationship. That’s why it’s important for Gemini and Aquarius to find a way to express their feelings naturally. It is important to these two zodiac signs that a relationship thrives on both physical and emotional intimacy.
Therefore, as time goes on, Aquarius needs to open up more in the relationship. Gemini needs to control his extreme moods. This will encourage Aquarius to break through the emotional blocks to letting their partner in.
Who is compatible with Aquarius? The twins? Could be.


Aquarius and Cancer:

weeklyhoroscope Aquarius

The constantly analyzing Aquarius does not act according to his gut feeling. Ie you think so, because his feeling is very objective and that bothers the cancer. Also because Aquarius is often right. In addition, Aquarius is a loyal partner and Cancer has different ideas about loyalty. Cancer is emotionally sure of this, but not always physically.
An Aquarius can sometimes be very matter-of-fact and much too harsh for Cancer, they don’t mean it that way, but Aquarius says what they mean easily, hits the mark and that’s something Cancer almost never does. It goes sideways, on one side, then the other, and sometimes it doesn’t reach that goal. Most Aquarius’ thinks this is bad technique.
In short: There are many breaking points in this relationship that can seriously undermine the relationship. Who is compatible with Aquarius? Hm. Cancer will have a hard time.
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Aquarius and Leo:


Despite some differences in some aspects, they constantly find each other attractive. This is the pair’s opposite attraction, and these two reflect two sides of the same coin. While light-hearted Aquarius is the thinker and observer in this relationship, fiery Leo is, of course, the performer. By properly balancing and harmonizing each other, they will have a long lasting marriage.
Leo and Aquarius are stubborn zodiac signs, but they get along well when they focus on their partner’s needs.
Aquarius can come across as emotionally distant, especially as they value their space. Since Leo is more in touch with their feelings, they may think Aquarius is cold or distant. Leo thrives on being seen and appreciated, which can create friction. Aquarius may think Leo is overly dramatic at times.


Aquarius and Virgo:

weeklyhoroscope Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius are completely different. The earthly Virgo is more serious and reserved. They are both very organized and work best when everything is moving as it should. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a bit more playful. He/she is known as a very unique individual who lives by their own rules and never goes with the flow.
Both signs have an inner desire to help others. Aquarius is the philanthropist of the zodiac, while Virgo is driven to serve others. As a couple, these two can go either way. But if we delve deeper into the basic workings of both, you’ll see how similar they can be.
First, they are both problem solvers. You like to look at things from all sides in order to find creative solutions. Since Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury and Aquarius is an air sign , both think logically rather than emotionally. They both love to learn and keep up to date with current events, so they have a lot of fun going back and forth about the things that matter most to them and they will never run out of topics to talk about.
Who is compatible with Aquarius? The Virgin? It could be good.
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Aquarius and Libra:


Aquarius is not the zodiac sign that believes in love at first sight. They are far too analytical for that and realize that in love, the heart should not come first, but the mind. So Aquarius takes the time to get to know someone before deciding if they want to be in a relationship with that person. You value emotional attraction much more than physical attraction and are therefore more thoughtful than any other zodiac sign. Because of this, they often start a friendship with that person first and then slowly get to the stage of entering into a relationship.
Libra is often a beautiful and charming person. Libra is very romantic and in this case will spoil Aquarius! Although he is attracted to intelligent people and partners, he is also looking for the good looking partner. Libras are also choosy and won’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t meet their standards, both financially and physically. As soon as the Libra sees you as a partner, she or he will show the back of the tongue. Libra is a good listener and a good conversationalist.
Who is compatible with Aquarius? Another air sign, Libra , is a serious contender.
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Aquarius and Scorpio:

weeklyhoroscope Aquarius

Aquarius, with its reserved passion and imagination, can clash with energetic Scorpio.
The challenge Aquarius and Scorpio face most in their relationship is their inability to balance each other’s emotional needs. Where the Aquarius prefers to remain closed and guarded, Scorpio needs expressiveness from time to time.
This can cause problems between Aquarius and Scorpio and hinder the progress of their relationship. Scorpio’s insecurity, theu have that, and associated protection can also be a problem for Aquarius’ urge for freedom and independence in thought and action. The latter cannot stand the feeling of being chained and at the moment he feels imprisoned.
If Aquarius and Scorpio are serious about commitment, they must promise to invest in their commitment. When an Aquarius and a Scorpio succeed, they would have found companionship and contentment for a lifetime.


Aquarius and Sagittarius:


If Sagittarius is looking for a friend who understands his or her free spirit and optimistic outlook on life, then they should consider befriending an Aquarius.
Aquarius has a tremendous affection for Sagittarius and has easier access to their long-standing friendship than people of any other zodiac sign.
The Aquarius is one of the most sociable beings in the zodiac and loves meeting new people. In addition, they also have a strong sense of independence, which can be refreshing for the Sagittarius. Sagittarius can be good friends with Aquarius as they share similar values and interests.
They are very different opposites, but attract each other despite little in common.


Aquarius and Capricorn:


While they occasionally clash on the surface due to their different interests, deep down they are true soul mates. To strengthen their bond, they can count on their genuine affection for one another.
The similarities between Aquarius and Capricorn are strong enough to make their relationship last. Both are ruled by the planet Saturn. This is the planet that moves slowly.
Hardworking Capricorn strives for stability later in life. They are old-fashioned in love and want their partners to be totally devoted to them. On the other hand, most Aquarius has great vision and will follow his or her ideals no matter what. The Aquarius is independent and can be unpredictable. And Capricorn has to be able to deal with that.

Aquarius and Aquarius:


An Aquarius is perhaps the most independent sign in the zodiac. They are very social. Romantic relationships are not at the top of their list. In fact, they’re known for being a bit distant in romantic situations. So what that means for two Aquarius zodiac signs will be clear to everyone.
Aquarius with another Aquarius to match is actually one of the few Zodiac combinations that combine brilliantly. They get along better than any other combination.
Remember that they are two air signs. You will love being with someone who can have a good conversation and get their attention. And this is especially possible with another Aquarius.
Who is compatible with Aquarius? Another Aquarius? That can definitely be the case.


Aquarius and Pisces:


The similarities between Aquarius and Pisces can be weak or strong. It’s hard to say how these two signs will react to each other. Aquarius needs a lot of space while Pisces is possessive and that can quite clash.
Both zodiac signs are dreamers who want to make the world a better place. They can have conversations about how they can change society. However, both take no action. They will only talk about their dreams without making any effort to achieve those goals. Aquarius and Pisces are both better off with friends who actively encourage them.
Pisces and Aquarius get along well in the bedroom, but they can have problems in other areas. Pisces doesn’t want to commit to an Aquarius because Aquarius will flee if they feel suffocated. You need a lot of space and time for yourself. For a relationship between these signs to work, Pisces need to give their partner more space than usual. And Aquarius needs to open up more than usual. Both must make changes for the sake of the relationship.

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