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What is Astrology?

In astrology it has been believed for many thousands of years that the sun, moon and planets influence our lives.

Everyone knows that the position of the moon determines ebb and flow and, building on this, you can come to the conclusion that our life also depends to a large extent on the position of the sun and the moon and the planets from our solar system.
Astrology originated by observing recurring patterns in the positions of the planets and combining them with events and moods.

Moving sun, moon and planets

The sun, moon and planets are constantly changing position.In relation to the earth and in relation to each other.
For example, the earth revolves around the sun in one year and the moon around the earth in 24 hours. A planet like Neptune takes 164 years to make one round.


Astrologers have divided the orbit the Earth travels in a year into twelve sectors.
Those twelve sectors together form the zodiac in the astrology.


The sign that everyone knows as “his or her zodiac sign” is in the astrology the sign in which the sun stood at the time of his or her birth.
A zodiac sign is the sun sign in astrology.
If you read in magazines, newspapers, etc. what will happen in a week or month, it only refers to the position of the sun sign.


A birth chart is nothing more than a map of the position of the sun, the moon and the nine planets in our solar system at the moment of a birth.
The planets represent the astrology in houses and in sun signs and with the position relative to each other, the astrologer draws conclusions about how and what the person concerned has in terms of character and other properties.

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