Weekly horoscopes
And Which Zodiac Sign Is Perfect For You

Weekly horoscopes

Weekly horoscopes provide a forecast for a week for each zodiac sign.
In the weekly horoscopes you can read what is expected for each zodiac sign that week. The week can start on Sunday or Monday for the weekly horoscopes.

Read your forecast for the coming week here every Sunday.

For some people it is difficult to see which zodiac sign he has. Some therefore say that they are both a Scorpio and a Sagittarius, because they were born on the cut-off date.

Are you a Scorpio or are you a Sagittarius if you were born on or about November 21? Which zodiac sign should you look up?
The rule is that the day in the year you were born determines your zodiac sign. In your year of birth, that date is either a Scorpio or a Sagittarius.
As a result, two people can have the same birthday (eg November 21) and because they were born in different years have a different zodiac sign.

Just for fun

The weekly horoscopes in yourhoroscopes.com and the weekly horoscopes in all newspapers and magazines and digital media are just for fun. Nothing more, nothing less. The same applies to the daily horoscopes.
Real weekly horoscopes can only be made for you if you have an exact birth time and place. With that a personal horoscope is drawn, which, after it has been corrected with events in the past, after which the birth time is corrected in minutes, expectations in the future, sometimes up to a week or month, can be done exactly.
And then the person in question still has his or her own personality and character to decide otherwise.

If it were otherwise, general weekly horoscopes, such as you find here on the internet and in newspapers and magazines, would always apply to 1/12 of the world’s population. There are 12 zodiac signs and the world population is more or less evenly distributed over those 12. That 1/12th part of the world population would then, for example, be offered a new job this week, or have to watch out for the neighbor or woman who is having an affair. want to start.
That is why weekly horoscopes are “only for fun”, but nevertheless they often provide cheerful entertainment if something does come out of it.
Beware of having an affair with that neighbor anyway. Never start with someone so close to home. Find it further away.

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