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Read your horoscope for the coming week here every Sunday. Sometimes it is difficult to see which zodiac sign you have. Are you a Scorpio or are you a Sagittarius if you were born on or about November 20? Which zodiac sign should you look up?

That of the Scorpio or that of the Sagittarius.
The rule is that the day in the year you were born determines your zodiac sign.
As a result, two people can have the same birthday (eg November 21) and because they were born in different years have a different zodiac sign.


A birth horoscope (chart) is a mathematical representation of the locations of the sun, moon and the other eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in our solar system at the time of birth.

In order to be able to see, astrologically speaking, the properties and characteristics of the person for whom it is drawn, in addition to the position of these planets (to be determined with the so-called ephemerides), the position that these planets take in relation to each other is also on the moment of birth is of great importance.

Therefore, in order to draw a complete birth chart of someone, in addition to the date, you also need the place of birth and the exact birth time. This is because the planets move and their relationship to each other constantly changes as a result.

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