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valid from 14-09-2020 until 20-09-2020

There’s something you’ve been looking for quite a while and haven’t been able to find yet. You don’t want to continue your search any longer. It’s completely beyond you that things can get lost in this way. What you're looking for doesn’t have any emotional value. But it’s something you need and you find it quite irritating that you can’t find it where you were certain you put it. Absolutely certain. You’ll most probably find it within a few weeks time. But by then you’ll have replaced it. A waste of money, really, but you simply can’t do without for too long.
The lesson to be learned from this is that you should look absolutely everywhere when you’ve lost something. The Virgo has the tendency to skip certain places because he or she believes that what he or she is looking for just can’t be there.
Something will break down in your house this week, precisely at the moment you were going to use it or are actually using it. Mishaps like these are always bothersome.

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