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valid from 06-04-2020 until 12-04-2020

Be sure to let off steam in time, dear Virgo. You have the tendency to hoard up your emotional involvement. Sooner or later you'll come to regret this. Your body won't, in the end, be able to handle the physical stress. You believe that you are stress-resistant. Your body thinks differently though.
It is better not to store all these tensions in your body but to show your feelings regularly, to find a concrete way to release these tensions. For some people this is playing a musical instrument, for others cooking a big pot of vegetable soup. Find a way that suits you Virgo. Both your body and your health will profit. Sooner or later, as you know, you will be beginning to pay for having all these tensions hoard up in your body.
Therefore, once again, find ways to vent your emotions. Don't take it out verbally on people who are not the cause of all these tensions. That would only bring about more frustrations and stress.

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