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valid from 30-11-2020 until 06-12-2020

There's a very dear old friend you haven't seen for quite a while. He or she could, of course, take the initiative to call or to visit you. But something is holding him or her back since you broke off the conversation rather abruptly, the last time you saw each other. You were busy as a bee with your Ipad and or professional occupations when this happened. It would therefore not be unreasonable for you to take the first step towards mending the friendship, because you have something to make up for, even though you may not see this so clearly yourself.
You may even live under the impression that there still is a dear, mutual friendship between you. But in reality it is rather one-sided. You are the one who does the talking. This Pisces always listens to you and is quite unable to say his or her piece. The person in question may have slipped from your mind. Do try investing some energy in bringing this person back to mind. If you renew the friendship, you'll hear a surprising piece of news.

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