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valid from 06-04-2020 until 12-04-2020

During the next few months you may discover a spiritual dimension within your inner self which will make your life and intuition more profound. That is to say, if you are receptive to new feelings and ideas. If you put up a wall around yourself, however, nothing at all will happen. The spiritual dimension is absent from your current life to such an extent, that it will be difficult to accept it in your 'new' life. It is advisable, though, to open yourself up to this, because it will be an important influence in the further development of your character. Don't start anything new at work during this period of your life. Even more responsibilities may just become too much for you and could have detrimental effects on your health. It is better to keep up to date, and improve if necessary, your current projects. Even a Sagittarius person has to draw the line somewhere.

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