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valid from 20-01-2020 until 26-01-2020

When you need a bank this week, it will be a good week for you.
Someone will try to convince you and you are not ready to give in. But you, Sagittarius, do exactly the same with others, as you know well.
Try being a little more careful with this character trait. It could lay at the basis of a long drawn-out conflict. An important element in this conflict is the fact that you are, more than the other party, focussed on power. And this while normally power seems to leave you cold.
This is different from what you may have believed till now Sagittarius. Power definitely is an element in the character of the Sagittarius you know.
You could have a few problems in your dealings with people, especially with those within your inner circle. It could even be so that nobody understands what you say while you really wish to share your emotions with them.
Things will straighten themselves out by the end of March. Go out jogging to help you to continue thinking clearly!

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