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valid from 30-11-2020 until 06-12-2020

You'll get an excellent opportunity this week to get rid of a couple of old sores Sagittarius! You'll have to pull out all the stops as far as diplomacy is concerned. You'll then quickly realize that a mountain was being made out of a molehill and that it is not so difficult to reverse this process.
Try taking a little more care of your financial affairs. Ask your employer for a salary increase if you believe that you deserve this or deserved this for your input in the past. Don't pay any attention to well intended help and advice from others, because these people are just a bit too chicken-hearted.
You run the risk of your boss telling you that he doesn't really need you any longer, since there isn't all that much work anymore. Do make sure to do some 'research' in advance. Listen to your inner voice: seek advice from yourself.
You want to have your cake and eat it and know for sure that sooner or later you'll get the door slammed in your face!

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