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valid from 03-08-2020 until 09-08-2020

Every single person has obligations and bears the responsibility for something. You're well aware of this.
It's rather reassuring that most other people also have a sense of responsibility. People who consequently pass the bucket to someone else and refuse any responsibility tend to rouse quite a bit of resentment in you.
The moment you really believe in something, you really go for it. If others cut corners and don't put their heart and soul into it, in the same way as you do, you tend to find this rather disturbing. This will even make you feel a little doubtful this week and you'll wonder whether it is worth the effort to put so much energy in yourself.
It's up to you, and you only, to decide this Pisces. This week you are even more aware than at others times of the fact that you are the only one responsible for your own choices and decisions.
All this deliberating will lead to you feeling quite well towards the end of next week. You'll feel deep within you that you've made the right decisions.

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