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valid from 24-02-2020 until 01-03-2020

Look carefully at your mail this week Pisces! Try to read what the sender really means. On first sight a message may appear to be an ordinary trifle. But on a second reading and after asking a few questions, you'll discover that there is more going on than you first assumed.
Why not plan a little outing at the end of the week? And why not do something completely different from what you normally do? You could surprise your partner or family, if you have them, with this trip and give them something to look back on with pleasure for many weeks and maybe even months to come.
Why not pay your colleague a compliment on his or her contribution and attentive manner? On first sight it may seem quite ordinary what he or she does for you, but on second thoughts this is absolutely not so. It might, therefore, be a good idea to show your appreciation.

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