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valid from 20-01-2020 until 26-01-2020

Like ever so many other people, the Pisces acts compulsively from time to time and shows behaviour that seems carved in stone. You're so used to this way of conducting yourself, that you can no longer do without. Sometimes you're unaware of why you are acting as you do. You explain your doings by telling that this is the way you always do it. In so doing, you clarify something about your parents, in times long past. You used to detest explanations like these from them and you decided long ago that you would never start behaving like this. That was long ago and out of date, so to speak.
You too will have to admit that there are no plausible reasons for this automatic behaviour and that the simple reason why you act as you do is simple that that is the way you've always behaved.
You'll draw this conclusion more than once this week, when you've landed yourself in a situation you'd really wish to escape from.
Go jogging or take a brisk walk in order to clear your head Pisces.

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