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valid from 06-07-2020 until 12-07-2020

There you are, dear Pisces! There's a nice outing waiting for you in August. Your suitcases are packed already, as it were. The tickets are available and as far as the stars are concerned: it is time for you to get away for a while. There are no financial limitations to speak of. No, you will not be able to make that voyage around the world on your own seaworthy yacht. But remember, even if you did have the money, you probably wouldn¡¯t want to buy that boat anyway. For you, dreaming about such purchases is more fun than actually being able to buy everything.
Anyway, just go on holiday now. On your return the world will be smiling on you.
During the next few weeks, buying something new and all the accompanying joys, will make you a lot happier. And then you'll go on holiday!
Many people would be green with envy, knowing what life you lead. The struggle with a friend will vanish as snow in the sun.
You love each other to much.
Try being happy, therefore, with what you have, Pisces.

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