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valid from 06-07-2020 until 12-07-2020

You'll need to economize a bit, even though from this week you may find smoother water. Perhaps you finally have your new mortgage.
The leisure activities you pursue Libra, don't really suit the average Libra. Think about this.
This week it'll be you who has to take the initiative to deepen the relationship with your partner. Mutual trust is vital in order to be able to discuss heavy subjects together. Basically, this trust is already there, but it can do with an 'overhaul'.
You still have to pay the maternity visit you keep postponing. If you wait any longer, the baby will be riding his or her bike when you finally pay your visit. Give them a call one of these days, if you haven't done so already.
You'll meet an 'old(er)' friend who has fellow feelings and who has a good appreciation of your little secrets.

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