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valid from 14-09-2020 until 20-09-2020

This week you’ll be able to really improve you physical condition. You won’t even have to go and visit a sports centre. You’ll achieve great effects by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and by cycling to work instead of driving. You’ll feel healthier and satisfied with yourself.
Bumping into someone from your own country while spending some time abroad, could be the beginning of a longstanding friendship or even a loving relationship with a new partner. Your physical condition needs a boost to be able to make the necessary ‘investments’ in this field Leo.
Don’t lend money to a friend who promises to pay it back in a few months time. Especially refrain from doing this if he or she asks for a sum less than a few hundred euro. People never lack that amount of money for a time span of a couple of months. He or she has a much larger and more chronic financial problem and needs a lot more money than he or she will be asking from you. If you do decide to lend some money, you’ll never get it back. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned Leo.

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