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A birth horoscope

is a mathematical illustration of the location of the Sun, the Moon and the other eight planets (the Sun and the Moon being counted amongst the planets) in our solar system at the moment of a child's birth. It is very important to know a few things about the one whose horoscope is being cast in order to be able to see, astrologically speaking, the capacities and distinguishing characteristics of the person in question. It is essential to know the position of the planets at the time of birth (to be determined with the help of so called ephemerides) as well as the position of the planets in relation to each other at the time of birth. In order to be able to make a complete horoscope, you need the date, place and the exact time of birth. This is necessary because the planets move constantly and change their position in relation to each other.

A proper birth horoscope is, therefore, much more than a simple description of the influence of the Sun on someone's character. Although the Sun is indeed the most important planet in our solar system, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune en Pluto have significant influence as well. However, in astrology, when it comes to someone's distinguishing characteristics, none of the other planets have such strong influence as the Sun. Therefore, even if the exact date, place and time of birth are unknown, the description of the Sun sign will give a lot of information about the person in question.
This information can help you gain a clear understanding of this person's way of behaving. Certain characteristics are, after all, clearly visible in each Sun sign. The Aquarius will, sooner or later, start the discussion and ask the questions no one else dares to ask. The Cancer will do his best to show the world that he is much more sensitive than he at first appears. The Scorpio will, sooner or later, show his passion and the verbal overkill of the Gemini will, at a certain moment in time, rise to the surface.

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