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valid from 14-09-2020 until 20-09-2020

The time is ripe, Gemini to straighten out your financial affairs. You really want to know what exactly you spend your money on. The next couple of weeks you’ll be disciplined enough to write down all your expenditures, down to the smallest detail, and add everything up carefully, in different ‘price categories’.
If you’d manage to cut down your expenditures with 10%, your financial problems would be completely solved. You’ll be strong enough, this week, to refrain from buying on impulse and to set yourself a budget for different sorts of expenditures, like ‘food and drink’, ‘magazines’ and ‘clothes’.
You’ll be pleased as Punch, being able to save some money. And very pleased knowing you'll have a small reserve to spend on something fun.
Friday is flirtation day!

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