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valid from 30-11-2020 until 06-12-2020

You'll look back with pleasure to the months July and August, Gemini. Even though not everything was smooth sailing all the way, you are justified in saying that generally speaking it was a pleasant period in your life.
This makes you long for the times when you had many different encounters with people you had never met before. As far as this is concerned, the real Gemini will soon be really enjoying him- or herself again, because December will be just as much fun for the Gemini as July was.
An old love of yours will cross your path and be very friendly towards you. Your feelings will frighten both you and him or her.
If you have a partner already, it is wise to inform him or her about this encounter. The news will otherwise reach the 'home front' via someone else and then the fat will be in the fire.
The housing market may have your warm attention at the moment.

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