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valid from 24-02-2020 until 01-03-2020

As a Gemini you're not in for a lark this week, because this could seriously get out of hand. You really give as good as you get the moment someone starts playing jokes. Watch out for a Pisces among your colleagues or acquaintances. He or she really has it in for you.
In the professional field you'll be offered new opportunities and responsibilities. This is what you were foretold in December. Surprisingly enough, you're colleagues are very enthusiastic about these developments.
In the course of this week you'll feel so well that you'll start radiating warmth and joy. This really pleases your family and friends.
As a Gemini you should be careful with money. At the moment you are a poor guard of your purse. If you don't restrain yourself you'll spend money like water and bitterly come to regret this spending spree during the weeks to come.
Keep your money in your pocket!

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