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valid from 14-09-2020 until 20-09-2020

If you feel that you're growing too fat Cancer, you could start doing something about it without immediately going on a, more or less, strict diet. Start by writing down, for the course of a whole week, everything you eat during the day. Not just the meals, but also all the snacks and little titbits you nibble, often without noticing it, between regular meal times.
Make up the balance at the end of the week. Look critically at what you’ve eaten during those seven days. Then start crossing off parts of it. Not immediately half of what you’ve been eating, but some 10% of it. The 10% containing few vital vitamins and minerals. What will be left, will be your maximum food intake for the week after this week.
It would be advisable not to weigh more than you should weigh in a few months time. You could then meet someone who’ll make your heart beat faster. Or you could then start brightening up the relationship with your current partner. Be careful though: someone with dubious intentions might have an eye on you.
Don’t lend anyone any money this week. You’ll never get it back and it’ll lead to the end of a friendship.

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