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valid from 06-07-2020 until 12-07-2020

You too were born as free as a bird Aries. But by now you have become tied down to all sorts of 'things'. Your house, your work, the repayment of the mortgage, to name just a few.
This is not what you originally wished for. You used to go for freedom and carefree joy.
This week you'll get the opportunity to change one thing and another a little bit.
Take stock of your situation, give free rein to your feelings and thoughts and think carefully about what changes you could make to your life in order to increase your freedom, your scope. By all means, seize this opportunity! Every single Aries needs good company, friends and acquaintances ready to help him or her. At the same time, every Aries is careful to guard his or her independency and wants to maintain a sort of 'respectful' distance.

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